Your tax-deductible donations to the ReStore help us fulfill the mission of Habitat for Humanity of Horry County!

Drop off  donations at the back of our ReStore, at the loading dock.

Or, schedule a FREE pick up!  CLICK HERE

Our hours of operation are currently Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

With questions about your donation, contact our scheduler at (843) 650-8815 ext. 8009 or

PLEASE NOTE: In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic, all donation pick-ups must be done from the garage or exterior of the home.  HFHHC staff will not enter your home to collect your donation. This ensures the safety of both our donors and our staff. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!


Donation Guidelines

Must be clean inside and in working condition
Must be less than 8 years old, unless antique/unique

Architectural Elements
Items that impact the design and appearance of a home and are reasonably sized

Bricks / Blocks
No cracked or broken pieces
Must be palletized on a flat, hard surface
Must be ready at time of pick up
Must be accessible for pallet jack

Cabinets / Countertops
Must be complete (no build in units)
We accept cabinet doors in good condition
Must be free of rot and termite damage
Re-usable condition only

New and Rolled
No shag carpet
No wall to wall carpet

All doors must be free of rot, cracks and termite damage
Interior, hollow doors must have raised panel
NO doors with glass cracked or missing

Dry Wall
Full or Half-Sheets only
Must not have water marks or broken corners

Entertainment/Special Interest (all donations must be working)
Flat Screen TV’s
Piano’s on wheels
Empty Fish Tanks
Exercise equipment
Working Video Games

Electrical fixtures
Electrical parts, lights, wire and associated hardware with electrical wiring
Electrical wiring must be 20’ or longer
Light fixtures must be in working order
Must be clean & rust free
Items with missing parts will not be accepted

Sofas, tables, desks, bed frames/mattresses, nicer upholstered furniture, wooden frames or materials.
Gently used not torn or soiled. Must be free of odor and animal hair

Hardware for doors, cabinets etc.
Must be in good to excellent condition
Items with missing parts will not be accepted

Heating, Venting & Air Conditioning
Flexible tubing, heat vent covers

Dishes/housewares free of cracks and chips
Clean linens and pillows
Holiday Decorations
Knick Knacks

Working items for landscaping outside

Lumber/Building Materials
Wood at least 3 feet long w/ no nails
All usable building materials
Roofing shingles (full bundles preferred), tarpaper and full rolls of insulation


Full 5-gallon buckets, gallons and quarts of latex paint only

Vanities ( if top only can not exceed 48”)
Toilets (empty and clean)
*New faucets

Unbroken linoleum or ceramic tile

Power or hand tools

Other items may be accepted at the discretion of the ReStore staff. Some metal objects may be taken with the intention of recycling the scrap metal.

** New facets meeting the NSF 61 standard will have NSF 61/9 stamped on the new faucet’s cardboard box.  (Due to recent regulations, faucet manufacturers decreased or eliminated the lead in residential kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets, bar faucets, drinking fountains, and icemakers. The national standard for certifying plumbing fixtures “lead free” status is determined by the National Sanitary Foundation (NSF) – the standard is International Standard 61 – Section 9.)

All efforts are to be made to avoid accepting any products that may contain lead.

If in doubt, dispose of the product in a safe manner.

Lead paint
VHS tapes
Hospital beds
Unmarked containers
Unframed glass
Used garbage disposals
Oil based paint or partially full cans of paint
Used ladders or ladders missing any labels
Rolled flashing
Window coverings with long cords
Loose laminate flooring whereas age cannot be determined
Used pump sprayers with unidentified chemicals or residue present
Highly caustic (muriatic acid), highly flammable chemicals or any chemicals that are missing labels
Full or partially full propane tanks
Products rated explosive (ammunition or “blanks”, fireworks, firearms etc.)
Faucets, ice makers, dishwashers or any other potable water fixture produced prior to 2014
Torn or stained used mattresses
Cribs or any other children’s products which may have been recalled or do not meet Federal safety regulations
Used smoke or carbon dioxide detectors
Used gas appliances (including furnaces, water heaters, room heaters)
Used gas lines to avoid potential gas leaks in customer homes
Any toilets not rated “low flow” (produced prior to 1994) 1.6 gallon or less
Any gas-powered tools with gas present in tank
Torchiere lamps (without lamp safety cage) due to fire hazard
Frayed or worn extension cords, appliance cords, etc
Fluorescent bulbs outside of original packaging

Download the full list here.