Home Buyer Mentors

Home Buyer Mentors

The purpose of the Habitat for Humanity of Horry County Home Buyer Mentorship Committee is to match volunteers with Habitat Home Buyers to provide additional support on an individual basis to help Home Buyers stay on track with their goals and to assist them in preparing for Homeownership.

About Habitat’s Home Buyer Mentorship Program Goals:

  • To have mentors matched with a Home Buyer as soon as they enter the program and be with them until the end of the first year of homeownership
  • To have the mentors provide information, guidance and preparedness to the Home Buyers for homeownership
  • To have the mentors create long lasting, supportive relationships with the Home Buyers that will inspire personal and professional success

Volunteer Mentor Qualities:

  • Caring, supportive, responsive, and encouraging
  • Experience with home ownership
  • Fiscally responsible
  • Willing to commit to a 2 or 3-year relationship
  • Ability to relate, share knowledge and experience

Volunteer Responsibilities:

  • Build a relationship with the Home Buyer
  • Be a source for information and support, answer question and at times just listen
  • Be a positive role model
  • Option of helping with Sweat Equity Hours and to attend special events with the Home Buyer
  • Communicate with Home Buyer by phone at least 2 times a month face to face at least once a month
  • Communicate any serious concerns or questions with the Director of Family Services

Volunteers should not:

  • Share or ask confidential information without first speaking to the Director of Family Services
  • Provide the Home Buyer with money or gifts
  • Answer questions the Home Buyer may have about the Home Buyer Program without first seeking guidance from the Director of Family Services

The process of the Home Buyer Program is a commitment that can be stressful and challenging for the participant.  HFHHC understands the process of change and the need for support of those families in the Home Buyer Program. By creating the Home Buyer Mentorship Program, HFHHC hopes to make a successful transition from renters to owners and give the Home Buyer all the tools necessary for them to be a successful Homeowner.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact us at contact@habitatmb.org.