Family Selection

Family Selection Committee

The Family Selection Committee (FSC) provides valuable assistance in determining potential Home Buyers engaged in the Home Buyer Application process by conducting home visits to assess the applicant’s need for adequate housing.


  • To have FSC members pair up and conduct a home visit to assess the need of persons going through the final stage of application process for the Habitat Home Buyer Program twice a year
  • To have the FSC members meet with the Family Services staff and report back their findings from the home visits and determine whether or not to send the applicant to the Board of Directors for final approval
  • To have FSC members provide general information and answer any questions to the applicants about the Habitat Home Buyer Program while conducting the home visit

Member Qualities:

  • Caring, supportive, responsive, and encouraging
  • Open minded and do not make assumptions
  • Have an ability to relate, share knowledge and experience
  • Active listeners
  • Remember: this program is a HAND UP not a HAND OUT

Member Responsibilities:

  • Obtain relevant information to confirm the applicant’s level of need for adequate housing-apart from any financial information by conducting a home visit
  • Complete Home Visit Form at Home Visit
  • Assess the applicant’s willingness to move to current or future Habitat house construction locations
  • Explain and review Habitat’s ministry and the basic requirements for obtaining a home if the applicant is selected.
  • Answer general questions from the applicant about the Habitat Homeowner selection process.