Current Projects

Current Projects Update – May 22, 2020

Project Update – Home #149
The future home of the Thomas family is close to being completed. Final installations like cabinets, trim, flooring, appliances, etc. needs to be completed. Additionally, some painting landscaping and final cosmetic touch ups are left to get this house ready to be the new home of Pamela Thomas and her daughters. Excitement is building for the completion of this project!

Project Update – Home #151
The future home of the Smalls family is in the beginning stage. Subcontractors are currently completing technical tasks on this house. Progress is being made on this home.

Project Update – Home #152
The future home of the Dennison family home is in the early stage, but lots of progress has already been made, thanks to the help of our participants with Collegiate Challenge and members of First Presbyterian Church of Myrtle Beach! The future of this home is bright.

Project Update – Home #153
The future home of the Greggs is almost complete. Most upcoming work will be done by sub-contractors, though early on, students from Conway Christian School helped start the progress on the home. Final installations like counter tops in the kitchen and bathroom, touch up paint and caulk, trim and cleaning need to be completed. We can’t wait to hear the infectious laughter of Shannon Gregg coming from her new home!

Project Update – Home #154
The future home of the Johnson family is in an early stage. We need to complete installing cabinets, flooring, closet doors, trim and more. Additionally, we are working to repair and replace various elements of the home. We will also do landscaping work at this home. Each day the home becomes more welcoming.



Please remember, we have various volunteer opportunities available. However, when we resume normal operations, our largest need will be for Core Construction Volunteers. Core Volunteers are needed at least once or twice a week. Additionally, Site Hosts are needed to assist in greeting and checking volunteers in and out of the build site. Groups that are interested in serving are encouraged to contact us at, to coordinate the experience.